Welcome. Life is a sacred journey, but it doesn’t always feel that way. We can easily get lost in our daily demands and become disconnected from our spirit and source of inspiration. If you’re longing to connect more deeply with your Sacred self and the Love that is at the core of your being, you’re in the right place. My work is about sharing the journey together, so that we can see the Divine nature shining through all of life, even in the difficult and ordinary moments.

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Wednesday Wisdom #1

 I am starting a series of blog posts called Wednesday Wisdom: Life Lessons from a Trappist Monk, in which I reflect on a saying of my Benedictine friend Brother Rene.  Brother Rene was a Trappist Monk at the Abbey of Gethsemani for over fifty years, during which time he lived and prayed with Thomas Merton. Brother Rene and I had […]

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Learning to Pray in my Car

If I had my dream life, I would always have ample time in the morning to meditate and pray. Yet, on some mornings, I only have time to write in my journal while drinking my morning cup of tea. After that, I am busy preparing for the day, packing lunch for myself and my husband, and getting to […]

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