Wednesday Wisdom: Taking A Break

Wednesday Wisdom: Taking A Break. Wednesday Wisdom will be taking a break for the rest of the summer. Please enjoy previous posts on this site; there’s a lot of content here that I hope will be encouraging and supportive of your sacred journey. During this hiatus, I will be discerning how I am being called […]

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Black elderberries (Sambucus nigra) in a bowl, dark rustic wood

Nurturing Your Deepest Self

Wednesday Wisdom: Nurturing Your Deepest Self. I was talking to a friend yesterday who just returned from Italy, where he visited Assisi, and many other places that were filled with art, history, and churches. Being a practicing Catholic, he loved the presence of the sacred tradition that was prevalent all around him. As we talked […]

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Dandelion seeds in the sunlight blowing away across a fresh green morning background

What is Important to You?

Have you ever noticed that after you clear clutter, organize your desk, or clean out your closet, you feel a great relief?  It’s as though you can see the horizon again, which gives you a sense of spaciousness. But then, gradually, over the weeks, the piles and stacks begin to reappear. Once again, the desk is covered […]

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Come Home To Yourself

Wednesday Wisdom: How to Trust Change. Last week, I received an email from my supervisor informing me that my school placement for next year needed to change. What! was my immediate response. I didn’t want to  make a change. It has been a hard year for me, with losing my mother and all, and I didn’t […]

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