9 Season of renewal

How to be Enfolded in Mercy?

Wednesday Wisdom: How to be Enfolded in Mercy? As we enter into the Easter season, I find myself living the transformative passage from death into life. Recently, a very dear friendship in my life ended, and as I mourn the loss, I am also holding the hope and promise of new life that happens through […]

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Shadows from the trees falling on the wall.

Practice Visio Divina: More Ways to Pray

Wednesday Wisdom: More Ways to Pray. Since the Lenten season is about connecting more deeply with prayer, I wanted to share a practice I really enjoy. It’s called Visio Divina, sacred seeing, which invites the viewer into divine seeing. You can use this form of prayer with images from art books, magazines, or photos in your […]

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What Does it Mean to Hold Things in Love?

Wednesday Wisdom: What Does it Mean to Hold Things in Love? Last week, I asked a rather quiet 5th grade girl to make a slight edit on her page for the class book we were making during library time about the women’s suffrage movement. When the students were working at the tables,  I saw the […]

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A medieval decorative compass rose from a map

Relationship is Key

Wednesday Wisdom: Relationship is Key Last week was Dr. Seuss’s birthday, and my week at the elementary school library where I work part-time was filled with reading fun phrases like “there’s a Bofa on my Sofa,” and “A Zamp in my Lamp,” and a “Nink in my Sink,” and “A Nureau in my Bureau.” The […]

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How to Live a Life of Deep Love

Wednesday Wisdom: Living Deep Love We are created from love. We are love. And during this period of Lent, a time of deep reflection and reflection, I am noticing what separates me from love. What separates you from love and closes your heart? I was really struck in yesterday’s gospel, (Luke 6:36-38), by the words, […]

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