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Inspiration Fountain: Day 4

My older sister was a very busy therapist before she retired last year. I remember she always told me that she tried to look at each person she saw in a day as ‘a child of God.’ Today, her words inspired me. As students came into the library with a question, or to search for […]

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Inspiration Fountain: Day 3

Missed a few days–but have been asking myself: What really inspires me? It’s such an important question. What renews us, gives us life, inspires us? As I share things with you, I encourage you to seek what truly inspires you? I find this video of the Prayer of St. Francis to inspire me. Enjoy! The […]

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What Inspires You?

So often we start a new year making a list of all the things we think we are suppose to do. Yet, what if we started the new year by pausing for a moment and connecting to all the things that inspire us. What Inspires me? a gratitude practicethe orange sky at sunsetbeing honest with […]

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What is Your Pattern of Growth?

Many times, I have found myself ending the year making a list of all the things that happened, focusing on what I got done and what I was able to do. I’ve done this since I was a child, checking off my accomplishments, giving order to my otherwise chaotic family life. However, this year, I […]

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