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An Open Heart

At times, comfort is about bringing an open heart to a situation. Acceptance of others is rooted in accepting yourself. If you are tired today, emotionally vulnerable, or angry and frustrated, make room for it. Learn to gently say, I accept all of myself. I hold my feelings with tenderness, love, and comfort. With this acceptance, I […]

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The Sacredness of Self Care

Wednesday Wisdom: Self Care is Sacred. It is a new year, and I am finding it hard to step into it because with each step I am letting go more, as I mourn the loss of my mother, and the loss of having a mother. So what happens, when despite our best intentions to take care […]

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Finding the small spaces inside

It’s 11 a.m. and like most of us the morning has been busy — getting up, packing lunches, driving to work, and responding to all the demands that have come my way in the school library. But I am ready to burst. I need a minute to detach and find the small space inside of […]

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House of Love, House of Fear

The days roll in and out, and time is like the ocean. But when fear overtakes me, I see myself as separate from the flow of life. There are so many reasons for fear, and each one of us must observe and learn how and when fear seeps in. I was reading in a book […]

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Everything’s a practice

I am noticing the tiny moments that call for practice. Yesterday, I was tired and hoping my husband would meet me at the gym so we could go grocery shopping and head home after our busy days at work. But at 5:45 I get a text: could you pick me up. I looked at the […]

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Seeing life with open eyes

I am being watchful of the mindset that drains me (self critical, unfulfilled, restless). It’s a familiar story and I easily fall into it, if I’m not alert. I know the story, and what is behind it, so there is no longer a need to analyze it. So rather than focusing on it, I need […]

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