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Observing myself

I have been feeling stuck somewhere in myself. And I want to unpack this stuckness, if that’s even a word. Oh, there are so many reasons, and I know it comes from self judgment, and exhaustion, and a fear of moving on without a cast around my heart. One of my biggest culprits is comparison. […]

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Living in creation

I am sensing a shift, lately, in my orientation. As I ride my bike through a trail of cypress trees, and arrive at the coastline, the air, the ocean, my breath is telling me that I am IN something. I am IN creation. For a long time, my concentration has been on the breath of […]

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At what point can I allow my spiritual life to become completely honest. Do I allow all of myself to enter into the dynamic of the interior landscape? I find that my spiritual self includes the parts of me that like silence, that like the sunset, that like eating smelly cheese and drinking crisp wine, […]

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I am always inspired by people who just seem to be generous by nature. They have a generous spirit. There’s a woman by the name of Kathy where I work who is always doing extra things for people. She’ll update the bulletin boards outside the cafeteria or give everyone a chocolate heart for Valentine’s day. […]

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Along the way

“Knowing when to wait is as integral to the dream as knowing when to act,” Tessa Bielecki writes in her book on Teresa of Avila (Crossroad, 1994). I was struck with that line this morning as I am moving into unknown terrain as I try to move in a new direction with my livelihood. I […]

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Inspired morning

In those first few moments of the day, let us remind ourselves to seek inspiration. The alarm rings, I know I have to pack the lunches, get breakfast, dress and be on the road in a timely manner. While I sit for a few moments with my breakfast tea, I pick up Living Gratitude by […]

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