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Black elderberries (Sambucus nigra) in a bowl, dark rustic wood

Nurturing Your Deepest Self

Wednesday Wisdom: Nurturing Your Deepest Self. I was talking to a friend yesterday who just returned from Italy, where he visited Assisi, and many other places that were filled with art, history, and churches. Being a practicing Catholic, he loved the presence of the sacred tradition that was prevalent all around him. As we talked […]

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Dandelion seeds in the sunlight blowing away across a fresh green morning background

What is Important to You?

Have you ever noticed that after you clear clutter, organize your desk, or clean out your closet, you feel a great relief?  It’s as though you can see the horizon again, which gives you a sense of spaciousness. But then, gradually, over the weeks, the piles and stacks begin to reappear. Once again, the desk is covered […]

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Come Home To Yourself

Wednesday Wisdom: How to Trust Change. Last week, I received an email from my supervisor informing me that my school placement for next year needed to change. What! was my immediate response. I didn’t want to  make a change. It has been a hard year for me, with losing my mother and all, and I didn’t […]

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8 Season of renewal

Discover This Season of Renewal

As we begin the month of May, I recall the words of wisdom Angeles Arrien wrote in her book, Living in Gratitude. “In May, nature mirrors back to use the increased blossoming and opening that are also occurring in our lives and within our own natures.” How can we discover this season of renewal in our lives? Here […]

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