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Who are you?

Wednesday Wisdom: Who are You? I just returned from a week at the Living School Symposium. It was a week of deepening my commitment to living from a contemplative stance. A contemplative stance is one that sees the whole, the unity of all, and not only the parts. As Richard Rohr writes, “During contemplation we come […]

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Wednesday Wisdom: Connect with the Energy of Gratitude

Wednesday Wisdom: Connect with the Energy of Gratitude I’m noticing that I am going through more layers of loss over a long-term friendship that ended last spring. Recently, my mind began replaying the story of what happened, and even, what could have happened. I felt my resistance to even thinking about the situation, and to […]

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How Do We Meet Our Restlessness?

Wednesday Wisdom: How do we turn restlessness, into restfulness?  As I find myself in the middle of my summer break from my school library job, I am  noticing the way I am relating to this period of time. I notice the way I can become restless, and even anxious with the openness. Yet, I know […]

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Fill Yourself with Delight

Wednesday Wisdom: Fill Yourself with Delight.  “Every object, every being, is a jar full of delight.” – Rumi Delight—what a beautiful word! Say the word aloud as you read it: Delight. It’s so uplifting—a word that begs for an answer to the question: How am I living a life of delight during these summer months? […]

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Keeping Your Heart Open

Wednesday Wisdom: Keeping Your Heart Open.  Today, I would like to share my recent guest blog post in Please read here! From the post: Here are five simple ways to stay inspired to continue keeping your heart open: Find prayers, poems, or books to encourage you. Be in nature—look at the sky, breath in the […]

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Embracing Change

Wednesday Wisdom: Embracing Change. It feels to me like May is a month of way closing and way opening for many of us—the school year is ending, people are moving, relationships are changing, and summer is approaching. It’s a time of change, as well as a time of renewal. In his book, Let Your Life Speak, Parker […]

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