My day is taking too much effort. At work I notice that I am exerting too much energy. I feel it in the way I am walking a few steps ahead of myself, in the way I am not taking enough time for lunch, and in the slight slump of my shoulders. I am not standing in a comfortable position in myself.

There is resistance. My skin is not breathing.

I notice that my emotions want to charge out, but at the same time, as though meeting in a narrow hall inside of my chest, there is a nudging in me to not react. What’s important? I find myself asking. A well of pressure releases from my chest, and a few tears drop down my cheeks.

The windows of my body open and expand. I desire surrender, as simple and pure as a flower desires sunlight. Without pushing. Just allowing. Come in. You are welcome here.

An open window.

Can I truly receive what the open window invites in — my tears, my compassion, my resistance?

Can you open the windows in yourself, in your life, in your day? Can you enjoy your lunch a little more, walk a little slower, feel compassion inside of yourself, invite surrender into your life?

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