Everything’s a practice

I am noticing the tiny moments that call for practice. Yesterday, I was tired and hoping my husband would meet me at the gym so we could go grocery shopping and head home after our busy days at work. But at 5:45 I get a text: could you pick me up. I looked at the message, and realized that in a split second I had to made a choice — be generous or be annoyed. I wrote back: of course. It wasn’t exactly how I felt, but what I did notice is that I felt great after I sent the message, which confirmed to me that I had made the right response instead of responding with: what! you’re not here!

Sounds so small, but means something so big. It means I was understanding that he was also having a long day; that he needed a helping hand; that 15 minutes were nothing to get stressed about.  Practicing bringing peace into our lives happens in tiny moments, quick moments, at every turn in the day.

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