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Faith is an Opening

Wednesday Wisdom: Faith is an Opening.

“Faith is our small but necessary offering to any new change or encounter,” writes Richard Rohr in The Naked Now. I have been reflecting on this thought for the past week, as I continue to respond to the changes I am encountering in my new work situation and with a personal issue.

I am so attracted to seeing and experiencing faith as an offering, as something we are able to give, just like the widow at the temple offering two small copper coins (Luke 21:1-4).

What is it like to see faith as dynamic, as something that grows and deepens, and is not static? Click To Tweet

Faith is something we are experiencing. Rohr describes faith as “a word that points to an initial opening of the heart space or the mind space from our side.”  I invite you to ask yourself the questions:  How is faith opening within me? How am I offering faith to a new change or encounter?



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  1. Cathy G September 7, 2017 at 4:55 pm #

    11 years ago I met a Pastor at the new Church I attended when moving to “The Pocono Mountains ” here in Pennsylvania. He showed me a God on whom I never knew growing up and a God on whom I can trust and depend that he will always be there no matter how strong the storm of life may be!! My Faith is what now gets me through this thing called LIFE!!

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