Welcome. Life is a sacred journey, but it doesn’t always feel that way. We can easily get lost in our daily demands and become disconnected from our spirit and source of inspiration. If you’re longing to connect more deeply with your Sacred self, and the Love that is at the core of your being, you’re in the right place. My work is about sharing the journey together, so that we can see the Divine nature shining through all of life, even in the difficult and ordinary moments.

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Wednesday Wisdom: Connect with the Energy of Gratitude

Wednesday Wisdom: Connect with the Energy of Gratitude I’m noticing that I am going through more layers of loss over a long-term friendship that ended last spring. Recently, my mind began replaying the story of what happened, and even, what could have happened. I felt my resistance to even thinking about the situation, and to […]

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How Do We Meet Our Restlessness?

Wednesday Wisdom: How do we turn restlessness, into restfulness?  As I find myself in the middle of my summer break from my school library job, I am  noticing the way I am relating to this period of time. I notice the way I can become restless, and even anxious with the openness. Yet, I know […]

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Fill Yourself with Delight

Wednesday Wisdom: Fill Yourself with Delight.  “Every object, every being, is a jar full of delight.” – Rumi Delight—what a beautiful word! Say the word aloud as you read it: Delight. It’s so uplifting—a word that begs for an answer to the question: How am I living a life of delight during these summer months? […]

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Keeping Your Heart Open

Wednesday Wisdom: Keeping Your Heart Open.  Today, I would like to share my recent guest blog post in gratefulness.org. Please read here! From the post: Here are five simple ways to stay inspired to continue keeping your heart open: Find prayers, poems, or books to encourage you. Be in nature—look at the sky, breath in the […]

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Embracing Change

Wednesday Wisdom: Embracing Change. It feels to me like May is a month of way closing and way opening for many of us—the school year is ending, people are moving, relationships are changing, and summer is approaching. It’s a time of change, as well as a time of renewal. In his book, Let Your Life Speak, Parker […]

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What Wants to Grow in Your Life?

Wednesday Wisdom: What Wants to Grow in Your Life? Years ago, when I was a retreat coordinator designing and facilitating renewal retreats for tenure teachers, I worked closely with Angeles Arrien, who has since passed away, but will always live on within me. I remember on one spring retreat, the teachers and I gathered in […]

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