Tenderness. Self Acceptance. I hear myself whispering: let go. 


Can I open myself to the surprises of the new day? To the pink blooms on the camellia bush, the smile from my husband across the table, the smell of fresh baked banana bread. Can I be more open to what is in my life? I notice my mind rambling with self criticism and impatience, but I don’t stop there. I keep walking, towards a field of trust and patience. 


Today, I will notice when I am walking in front of myself, and gently pull back. I will take a moment to feel my feet standing on the ground.

Today, I will notice when my head is pulling me forward and gently bring it back into alignment with my body.

Today, I will notice when I am sitting forward in my chair, and remind myself to lean back. I will notice the strain of always leading, and with tenderness invite myself to let go. 

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  1. Paula February 25, 2008 at 11:50 am #

    I’ll join you in this way of being today! Thanks for the inspiration!


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